Our story began in a doctor’s office.

Over two years ago, Natural Kitchen Wizard Korey Kealey was on a quest to seek optimal health and paid a visit to her local Naturopath to help her on her journey.

Surprise Surprise, Korey was intolerant to gluten and found that Quinoa the special seed with magical powers would be her friend along the way.
Gluten-free, high in protein, promoting energy and a healthy metabolism, Quinoa was the secret ingredient in the prescribed chalky bread replacement but Korey didn’t care if it was good for her…it tasted gross!
“So many people would benefit from this product, but it needs to taste good”. Just then, a light went off in Korey’s head and her eyes lit up with gluten-free glee.

Korey created an array of yummy quinoa SKINNY Cracker flavours to satisfy her every whim throughout the day. The enerjive™ Skinny cracker (snacker, dunker) was born!

Since then, enerjive has landed in retailers all over Canada. We are a company that believes food should taste good and be good for you!

Yummy health is what enerjive is all about. Creating food that is delicious and prepared using wholesome and clean ingredients is imperative to us. We take pride in providing healthy, gluten-free options to our consumers.

enerjive is for everyone – yogis, athletes, foodies, people with gluten sensitivities and allergies, healthy eaters or those who just want a crunchy snack!

We are proud to fuel all of you QUINOA lovers and look forward to being a part of your YUMMY HEALTH journey!

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